National Home Security Month

Week 5

Each year in November and for the past week, the sky’s been illuminated thanks to celebrations for Guy Fawkes night, but now it’s time to consider the security of your property as the darker nights set in and are therefore more vulnerable to break-ins or vandalism.

What measures do we need and what can we learn from Bonfire Night?

Artificial light is effective

If you’ve been to a fireworks display then you’ll know just how much they light up the sky and wouldn’t it be nice to illuminate our homes in the same way (when necessary)?

Outdoor lighting linked to CCTV systems is a great deterrent for intruders.

Noise sparks a response

Even if you’re not attending a display or can’t see fireworks from your window, you’ll be sure to hear them on November 5thand the days surrounding – and yes, many of us complain about this.

Likewise, an alarm may be an annoyance to an intruder, but you can be sure the noise will send them running in the other direction.

Get their attention

At any display, there’s a lot more going on than just the main event – from food stalls, to bonfires and games.

While you may consider one security measure, CCTV for example, an efficient solution, many properties require a combination of installations.

Get intruders attention with SPS Steel, signage, fencing or even a CCTV Tower – and deter them as quickly as possible!

Remember, Remember…

It might be past the 5th of November, and feels like midnight at 5:15pm, but this season is rich-pickings for criminals and thieves – be smart, use the experts who know how to protect your property all year round:  SPS, Specialist Property Services


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