When is the right time to install security measures? 

The short answer is now. 

 If your building is in use and doesn’t have security

If you’ve just bought or leased the building and are about to move in/secure tenants

If your building is vacant and doesn’t have them or if you do have basic measures already installed – now is the time to think about security

sps kitchenYour Checklist for deciding what SPS security is needed – we have it all.

Note: Every building requires security on some level. Your insurance policy is your starting place.

For Vacants:

Location: High, medium or low risk

Void duration: hours, days , weeks, months

Current condition: dilapidated, run down, pristine

This is just the start of the questions you need to ask to decide on the next step


Adhoc Approved SIA Guards

SPS CCTV – temporary / permanent – to SPOT them before any damage can take place

SPS Steel – to STOP them getting into the property

IMG_1191Bollards – to STOP them getting onto the land

Signage – you know you need it, but often forget about it

 When to take action

Vacant? Take action immediately

Temporarily unoccupied? Use SPS short term solutions: temp CCTV, varied inspections, visits, digital keysafes

Long term Vacant? SPS Steel doors and windows – installed without damaging the existing structure,  and are tamper-proof


Look at activity on site

Look at attempted breaches

Review your reports and preserve the integrity of your perimeters and boundaries

3I2A9639-2React to leaks, fly tipping , damage – if you don’t the situation worsens. SPS reactive services will attend to leaks, rubbish removal and reinstatement of walls

For occupied properties, domestic or commercial


Communal door security and entrance systems

Guarding, access control, keys safes. 

Consider alarms and CCTV  and your responder arrangements



Before the building is occupied. 

ImageGen.ashx Why?

Properties that lie empty, even temporarily, are vulnerable to break-ins.

Manage your risk, speak to the experts, ask for a survey, then TAKE ACTION…otherwise you may find your property broken into to, damaged or vandalised.

For over 30 years we have been looking after buildings, old new, void and occupied. We move with the times, adapt to meet your property needs, and are there for you when you can’t be there.

This is just a flavour of what we look at, contact us now for more!

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