National Home Security Month – Week 3


From the Burglar Bill books to the Home Alone movies, we’re constantly reminded of the lengths intruders will go to, to break into your property – and modern day burglars aren’t any different!


Fortunately, this week’s theme for NHSM is Beating the Burglar thanks to close knit communities and smart security measures. What we would like to focus on are those vacant properties that don’t have the advantage of close neighbours but can make use of efficient security measures.



Men in Circle[1]
So what has Burglar Bill got to look out for when approaching a property?

  • Detection and response are the first critical areas
    • Your property might not be occupied but it should be monitored
  • Detection can be
    • Visual – ARC watching at all times
    • Movement – PIR activated (CCTV)
    • Heat – detection of a heat source when there shouldn’t be one
    • Light – yes light – illuminate the area and let trespassers be CAUGHT IN full sight of the cameras


tenants in the loopYou should:

  • Tell someone – trust your gut, if it looks suspicious, it normally is
  • Call the emergency services and report it
  • Call SPS using our Hotline 08457 62 65 42


Suspicious activity needs to be reported!


Van 242 PIC 3Who monitors it? And how? 


  • All calls are recorded
  • All camera images are kept, encrypted and stored
  • Teams are despatched to investigate and re-secure if required within 2 hours
  • Same day response keeps damage to a minimum

Don’t let Burglar Bill get the better of you… take action now!

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