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National Home Security Month

Week 4 

This week for National Home Security Month we’re talking about Smart Security. So, what is it?

Smart Security measures are convenient, customisable security methods, which can be monitored and controlled remotely.

Effectively, they can do the jobs that many years ago were taken on by actual people.


However, we can still take inspiration from years gone by. When you consider the security in medieval castles, you can see how modern days security has done just this. Replace the drawbridge with Steel Security, upgrade your moat to large barricades and build your own battlement with an SPS CCTV Tower.

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What are the similarities between our towers and medieval towers?

  • Is a robust security measure
  • Protects your property
  • Provides preventative measure
  • Provides full view of surrounding area – with 360-degree view
  • Sees trespassers approaching from any direction – fence line detection
  • Response to trespassing is immediate
  • Is customisable – display ours or your coat of arms (company logo)
  • Immovable
  • Power is NOT an issue


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What are the differences?

  • Is controlled/managed remotely
  • Tower itself does not REQUIRE guarding but can be tended to by guards if necessary
  • Records footage
  • Sends alerts to ARC, mobiles and tablets if necessary
  • Includes lights, speakers, transmitters and two-way audio
  • Extendable height

Who needs them these days?

  • Vacant properties
  • Properties under construction
  • Industrial Parks/Warehouses

So if you consider your property a castle, now is the time to consider a new 21st century tower!

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