Further to our blog for those not sure where to start when it comes to deciding whether to outsource, we have listed below some tips and considerations before making that move:


Look at the Numbers…
  1. Check quantity of people required to complete the task
  2. Can your staff work more efficiently?
  3. COVID and other threats may have halted your business operation, but outsourcing could keep parts of your business going
  4. Do you have the equipment, telephony and infrastructure to continue working at normal pace during this lockdown



Check the culture of the proposed outsourcer …
  1. Aim to work with winners, people that want to do well, motivated by their Board to generate results
  2. Deadlines WILL be met, NO QUESTION, no excuses
  3. Where there is a WILL there is a WAY… which should be the attitude that comes from the top generating the right behaviours in your outsourced team
Experience the immediate benefits
  1. No office space required
  2. Savings generated minute by minute, because the right outsourcer will work harder
  3. No holidays or sickness to manage
Checklist before signing up
  1. Have your business case showing the savings
  2. Zoom-meet the Senior management team, and feel the culture at the top
  3. No need for a trial – it needs to be right from the beginning and stay right! We will ensure everything is as you expect it to be from the beginning and throughout
  4. Don’t procrastinate… Make a decision and get results, fast

Outsourcing automatically brings efficiency: fresh eyes, prioritising tasks , with targets in mind.

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