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As a new year begins, we take the time to set good intentions and have goals. Many of us opting for a healthier lifestyle, through diet, exercise or following the ‘no alcohol’ trend and having a dry January, for at least the first month of the year at least.

A Dry January weather wise is not always possible,  in fact, the UK has barely seen a dry day so far this year – so imagine what could happen to your vacant property when left unattended for even a week, exposed to wet and windy conditions?

Then think about what your insurance company might say if you cannot prove that you have been checking your vacant property on a regular basis.



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You are exposed to

  • Leaks
  • Extensive water damage
  • Long-lasting structural damage
  • Break-ins from intruders looking for shelter

All of the above can be avoided by introducing regular property inspections to ensure the building is safe and secure.

We provide:

  • Thorough property inspections – including perimeter, pot holes, neighbouring buildings, door, window  and even flat roofsecurity, as well as fixtures, fittings, and equipment.
  • Detailed reporting – you receive detailed instant reports confirming everything has been checked. We report all signs of intrusion, vandalism, and theft, as well as damage and infestation.
  • Flexible checking intervals – whether you want inspections hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly, we can deliver the protection you need.
  • A tailored service–whether you need manhole covers checked, stock checked, or even the toilets, we can do it for you. Just tell us what you need.



Taking care of your or your clients assets is a great way to start the year off well

Better still, why not make a new year resolution you can actually stick to this year, and swap to SPS who WON’T LET YOU DOWN.  Ask around, test our reliability, question our team and customers, look at our case studies.

Its our promise to look after your challenges in 2020,  24/7 , whilst you look after yourself!


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