For shopkeepers of both independent and larger retail outlets, shoplifting is an ongoing issue. It can cause a significant loss in sales and often, damage. Nowadays, shoplifters have various methods of stealing and it is important to understand what these are, in order to prevent them.

While a busy shop brings greater opportunity for shoplifters, many will also try when the shop is quiet, by creating distractions and asking for help while another steals from you. There are other tricks the thieves use, which often means you need “eyes” in more places within the store than you would think.

We firmly believe that the presence of CCTV in a small or medium shop is an excellent measure that all shop keepers and retailers should have to protect their businesses and livelihood. CCTV is a cost effective solution that in the very first instance acts as a deterrent. It also helps many shop keepers keep their insurance premium as low possible. CCTV gives more points to see either from behind the counter or in the back office. The quality of CCTV is so good that it can pick up a huge amount of detail which helps with convictions. Depending on the problem you want to fix or prevent a problem from happening you can have trigger PIR’s set up, lighting added, pan tilt zoom functions, infrared, and analytics. Colour as standard is preferred, infra-red is even better. Internal or external cameras need to be considered, but we give you the best of both worlds with the ranges we suggest.


cx32whaLarger outlets will have a full range of systems installed and may even have a guard at the entrance or exit, but you can never underestimate how valuable and important CCTV as a security solution for your business.

When thinking about CCTV, choose a system that meets your needs but also has the capability of being monitored. It can be monitored by SPS or on your mobile device or both. Different packages are available to suit budgets and needs. If your system isn’t working, contact us and we will repair or advise and install a modern system using what equipment we can.

Look at our four stages when considering choosing and installing a CCTV system by clicking on the below.

The four stages of CCTV setup

SPS products and services are available on a range of flexible hire and purchase options, so why not contact us to discuss how we can help, on 08457 62 65 42,, or via our Contact Us page on the menu bar. We look forward to hearing from you.

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