With a focus on securing, monitoring and maintaining the safety of your building, our expertise and dedication, combined with industry leading technology gives you an unbeatable range of products and services, which will cater to your every need.

SPS CCTV services, available for both internal and external installation, are usable in various applications, whether that be domestic or commercial. Static cameras can be used to capture activity in a specific space, or should you require 360 observation, you may opt for the use of Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) cameras.

SPS is a one-stop shop for all CCTV requirements and our commitment to securing your property is maintained at every stage of the process. From an initial inspection of the property, to the installation, maintenance and eventual monitoring of the building, our team are dedicated to meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations.

Property Inspection

First and foremost, we will provide a full, comprehensive inspection of your property, whether the building is void or occupied. Vacant properties will be surveyed to identify entry points and any damage to the existing structure, in order to determine situations in which the building need to be sealed and secured.

In terms of occupied properties, the products and services we install will be dependant on the environment within which you work or live and will be tailored to these specifications. With the use of cameras and intercom systems, we can secure and monitor the entire building or more specific areas, such as reception or entrance points.

Installation and Maintenance

Once we have determined the specific requirements for your building, our highly skilled team will be responsible for the installation of the necessary SPS products to BS 62676-1-1 and BS8418. We will also be on-hand to provide a maintenance service, should you encounter a situation in which your require repairs or replacements.


Following the installation of the required SPS products and services, our ARC will provide the necessary surveillance services to BS5891. While some cameras require constant monitoring, others send signals when activated and can be accessed remotely, through mobiles and tablets.

CCTV technology provides a further preventative measure in the interest of securing your property. SPS products and services are available on a range of flexible hire and purchase options, so why not contact us to discuss how we can help, on 08457 62 65 42, sales@spsdoorguard.com, or via our Contact Us page on the menu bar. We look forward to hearing from you.