We sincerely hope you never need any emergency service, however it is critical to know that when you do, there is someone ready to respond in the appropriate manner.  As an Alarms solution provider, SPS excel in the management of incident reports, this was evident as recently as last week when our response meant Police were in attendance quickly enough to catch vandals in the act.

We are keen to be your partner, so from incident reporting to reactive board-up provision and from emergency repairs to incident clean-up, SPS will be there to when a fire or CCTV trigger is activated.

Find out more about SPS alarms here.


SPS Steel is the real deal

FACT – SPS STEEL STOPS people entering your property.  More and more customers are realising that our steel, fixing method and techniques will stop people entering your building.

An increasing number of people are now experiencing the long-term benefits of using SPS; we genuinely care about service delivery and our customer interaction.  We work closely with our customers to find real and comprehensive solutions at sensible prices, this ultimately saves time and minimises to possibility of incurring unseen additional costs further down the line.

Find out more about SPS Steel Security here.


Clear and Cleaning in March…

We invest the necessary amount of time to fully understand your targets for cleaning and clearing homes; ultimately, making them ready for the next tenant as quickly as possible. Clear, then Clean. We provide your new tenant a fantastic first impression of their home.  “Unrecognisable” was one recent comment about a property after it was cleaned – job well done, Midlands team.




Specialist waste removal…

Whatever property type you have or even if you are only responsible for the common areas, sometimes specialist cleaning and waste removal is required. Don’t hesitate to contact us for the removal of hazardous waste from communal blocks and land.

Find out more about our Clear and Clean services here.


Has the snow gone?



We hope so, because handling 18,375 calls in 4 days was exhausting but we did it, and after a few hours rest the team were ready to go again.

Read about our call handling services here.







  • Over 100,000 calls a month are answered by SPS Repairs and Security specialists.
  • Around 50,000 miles are driven by our own teams
  • Over 1,000 connections check-in digitally to our ARC every week.

We have 10 busy Regions throughout the UK, but there is only one target, be the best that we can be and YOU, our customer, will always come first.


SPS products and services are available on a range of flexible hire or purchase options. We are happy to discuss any specific projects or advise on the right solution.

You can contact on 08457 62 65 42, or at, or via our Contact Form  We look forward to hearing from you.

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