Temporary alarms are an increasingly popular method of monitoring and protecting vacant properties, as customers recognise the benefits of being able to respond instantly to the host of threats to the security, integrity, and value of your property.

The SPS Multi-Purpose Alarm (MPA) is unbeatable in its ability to monitor and alert to any possible threat. With each MPA able to connect to up to 48 sensors that continuously monitor your property, that’s the most on the market. For you, this means greater flexibility, more complete protection, and protection against a wider variety of threats.

The SPS MPA is easy to install, ruggedly designed, and tamper proof. When wirelessly and securely linked to our exclusive range of sensors in your property, it instantly responds to any activation with an encrypted alert sent to our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), where our dedicated operatives coordinate the response 24/7 to ensure the threat is dealt with and the property re-secured. It can also respond with a 104dB two tone alarm on site to deter intruders. In addition, our sensors come with a host of inbuilt features to eliminate false alarms.

With its unrivalled monitoring, the SPS MPA really is your best means of maintaining property value, reducing vacancy costs, remaining insurance compliant, and minimising community impact.

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Main features of the MPA:

  • Quick & easy to install/uninstall – all power & communications is self-contained
  • Minimal disruption – secure wireless connection to all sensors
  • Durable – damage & tamper resistant, with tough construction and secure fixing
  • Scalable – 1 unit can monitor up to 48 sensors of different types
  • 104 db alarm, and/or silent alarm sent to our dedicated alarm response centre (ARC)
  • Low maintenance – up to 12 months use on a single battery charge, & remote diagnostics.

Range of sensors that MPA can monitor includes:

  • Motion Sensors
  • Door & Window Sensors
  • Heavy Duty Door Sensors
  • CCL Sensors – alerts to disturbances of moveable items, eg, vehicles, equipment, machinery, fixtures & fittings
  • Smoke Sensors
  • Flood Sensors
  • Lone Worker & Panic Alarms