Have you considered who you are sharing with and do you have adequate security…

Whether you’re a start up or a long established organisation, one of the most important things to consider, is the office space from which your business operates. Every business requires a place to call home and more importantly to take up the role of company headquarters, putting your business on the map and providing your customers with a point of contact, in the form of a physical location.

Considerations about size, location and whether the space you select really does meet all your requirements is equally important to both large and smaller enterprises and shared office buildings can be the perfect solution, particularly for those operating in a city centre.

With so many diverse companies, under one roof, the wants and needs of each will be different, but there is one requirement, consistent with each and every one and that, of course, is security.

For large office buildings, you can expect many people entering and exiting the building throughout the day, whether it’s employees or those attending a meeting or interview and therefore it’s important to know exactly who these people are.


Many shared offices will include a reception area. Guests could be asked to sign in but not everyone can when entering the building. Name tags and badges could be issued, but its not a reliable system for managing security.

Alternative solutions include door entry systems, with employees gaining entry with codes or fobs. Whether this is at the front door, just beyond the reception or rear gates, it’s a far more secure method of controlling access to your workspace. Combine a simple access system with CCTV, locally or remotely monitored and you have your own secure site, your boss in Jersey would be proud of.

For those that use entry systems at the front door, it’s important that the system features an intercom system to welcome and grant visitors entry to the building.

In operating a door entry system, authorised personnel can gain entry to the building at any point of the day during working hours, while guests gain entry by communicating with the specific company they are visiting.

Not only do communal doors and entry systems secure the building, but they can improve the appearance of the building, as you may choose to embellish slightly with a plaque, featuring the building or business names or completely redesign your entrance area, replacing a large reception desk with a simple and sleek intercom and entry system.

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SPS outsourced security

Not every business uses a dedicated security team in-house, but this work can be outsourced when installing further security measures on shared buildings. For example, you may use CCTV in coordination with your door entry system. When installing SPS CCTV cameras, we offer full surveillance and response team services, which is not only important during the day but also outwith working hours. While your receptionist and/or other members of the team will use the cameras during the working day to grant access to visitors, our team will take over when you finish up for the day.

Placing cameras at entry points and around the perimeter of the building is ideal for enhancing securing and ensuring the safety of your employees, especially for office buildings with large car parks, where cameras can be installed at either end of the site.

With experience of working outwith the standard 9-5, we recognise the need for round-the-clock security and while we are providing security solutions for others, we must always remember the importance of doing so for ourselves also.

Ultimately, as a business, which operates in a shared office building, we recognise how important it is to secure our workplace, with so many employees and so many visitors entering and exiting throughout the day. Out-with normal working hours, we must also prevent the potential for damage and/or theft, but what is most important is ensuring the safety of our team, at all times of the day.

SPS products and services are available on a range of flexible hire and purchase options, so why not contact us to discuss how we can help, on 08457 62 65 42,, or via our Contact Us page on the menu bar. We look forward to hearing from you.

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