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National Home Security Month, sponsored by Yale, kicks off this week and as they point out “much like a castle needs to have defences in place from attacks, you need to make sure you protect your sanctuary from the threat of burglars”.

The focus of Week One is alarms from traditional to smart methods and as you may know, this is an area we excel in! Whether you’re building is occupied or vacant, the simple fact is that you want to keep it secure 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

For whatever reason you may have a vacant property, whether it’s a holiday home, your previous residence lying empty before sale or a vacant property you normally rent to tenants and just because it is vacant, doesn’t mean it is any less valuable. Your family and possessions may no longer live there, but this is a property you invested time and money in and realistically, your property is only going to lose value if broken into and/or vandalised.

Temporary alarms are an increasingly popular method of monitoring and protecting vacant properties, as customers recognise the benefits of beingable to respond instantly to the host of threats to the security, integrity, and value of your property.

While we can manage the installation of your alarm system, one of the most important things to consider is monitoring your system.


Vacant properties will always be more vulnerable to intrusion and vandalism and these days, intruders are smart and will know when a house is not occupied by tenants. Therefore, it is important to monitor the property 24/7. While burglars may find a way around CCTV and locks, alarms are a great way to deter them.

Alarms also help to reduce vacancy costs and help you to remain insure compliant.


For holiday homes in particular, remote monitoring is very important, as you may not be able to physically visit/monitor them that often. While you may want to detect intruders, our alarms can also detect flooding and smoke, with up to 48 sensors.


All of our alarms can be installed by our teams and monitored remotely by phones, tablets or more commonly by our 24-hour response centre (ARC).
If you’re building is commercial rather than residential, you may also want to read our related blog post – Alarm systems can also be short-term solutions 

Visit vacant property alarms for more information on our alarms.

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