Our teams have been busy this month with various projects across the UK installing doors and preventative security measures such as our SPS CCTV systems and continuing to provide 24 hour call handling services to clients across the country.


An open and shut case for communal doors…

Normally our fire resistant communal doors take three weeks to manufacture but we had a situation in Scotland where a client needed a door manufactured and installed in just over a week.  The client had a particular specification in mind and it took a long time to approve, but once agreed, the door was installed. Click here to see the styles and specifications for communal doors.

Communal Doors


Steel, steel and more steel…

“SPS Steel – It’s the real deal” said one of our customers as we secured a block ahead of refurbishment in the North West area,  near Manchester.  It is Fact –SPS steel stops people entering properties.  You may think that all steel is the same, but not when its fitted to our own specification of fixings and by experienced teams.
Click here for more information on how you can secure your vacant property with our steel security products.



20, 35, 45 minutes response times… 

SPS 3Response times like these are possible depending on where your site is.  However, we are focused on not allowing illegal entry in the first place.

Prevention is the key.  However, if you don’t want SPS steel, use SPS CCTV.  It will alert you to the fact that the criminals are in the vicinity so we can take appropriate action.  SPS ARC deploys our response team who are on site whilst we report the incident to the Police.  You, our customer, will receive a full report real time with footage and pictures, CRN and police report if ready. To see some real footage click here.

CCTV BLOG – In case you missed it, click here to learn the four stages to setting up CCTV.


Helplines that make a difference… 

SPS has many bespoke helplines for various customers.  We are especially proud of  the SAFE PLACES service and helpline, on behalf of North Yorkshire Council.  The SAFE PLACES campaign is for everyone in the North Yorkshire area  and surrounding vicinity. It’s free and aims to help those that struggle with being out and about in the community and need a SAFE PLACE to go to, gather their thoughts and ask for help if needed. It’s a fantastic, rewarding  service .  To find out more and watch a video about SAFE PLACES, click here.

And finally…

Customer satisfaction: Following on from our “Remarkable People” post on Facebook, it’s great to receive daily comments about the SPS staff, products and service.  “Hello lovely helpful people at SPS” was a great comment to get on a Monday morning.  “It keeps getting better and better” said another customer.  Its team work, and thank you everyone. We never take it for granted.

Contact Us 

SPS products and services are available on a range of flexible hire or purchase options, we will be happy to chat to you about your specific requirements and tailor a solution that meets your precise needs.

You can contact on 08457 62 65 42, or at sales@spsdoorguard.com, or via our Contact Form  We look forward to hearing from you.

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