It’s been an extremely busy month at SPS, with projects, enquiries, requests and ongoing excellent account management. When the clocks went back, our customers and members of the public felt the benefits of having our 24/7 services available at their finger-tips.

63f37a12-7178-419d-aa7e-5e509ac663b0“It has to be impenetrable steel… “
…said one of our new clients this week. 30 sites later, their property portfolio is completely secure. Just a quick thanks to Paul, Jillian, Nick and Fiona in our Response centre, for sending some fantastic customer reports, keeping our customers informed at all times.
With the UK experiencing milder temperatures this year, pests are still a problem for many businesses …
Despite the recent cold snap, we are still very busy with pest control orders in the Midlands and London at the moment – please contact Account Managers, John or Nick who are  available to discuss your needs at any time.
Did you know that our average response time to activations to alarms last month was under 20 minutes? Not bad, but “could do better” – says our Managing Director!
Are you CCTV compliant? 
As always, our guidance & support for appropriate and carefully positioned CCTV cameras helps customers use this fantastic technology in the best possible way. For example, clients in London were frustrated last week from reports of car park misuse. Now they have a SPS managed and supported system, working effectively in capturing evidence as well as acting as a deterrent.
24/7 is the new thing, apparently – and everyone wants it…
…but we have been delivering 24/7 services for nearly 25 years. We are a recognised, experienced outsourcer for all 24/7 needs. We can be YOUR 24/7 support centre, acting as you, impressingyour clients, while you focus on managing your business. Call 08457 65 62 42 and speak to your nearest account manager for more information.
SPS products and services are available on a range of flexible hire and purchase options, so why not contact us to discuss how we can help, on 08457 62 65 42, sales@spsdoorguard.com, or via our Contact Us page on the menu bar. We look forward to hearing from you.

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