It’s 2020, so here are 20 things to consider when looking after property and people

It’s a new decade, so what’s behind us and what’s coming up?

SPS Managing Director, Shirley Duffus, shares her advice.

I thought I would take my 30 years + experience in SPS , delivering specialist property and people services and list you 20 ways to protect people and property in the most efficient and effective way possible. 

Safety  – your personal safety that is – assess how you work and what tools you have to protect you: try lone worker telephones, buddy systems, or apps –  and make sure its available 24/7

shutterstock_1148653Property assessmentsbefore your building becomes void, plan what needs to be carried out to make it safe. When you are on site assessing, start your SPS lone working protocol, and perform a personal risk assessment before you step inside.  Complete your survey on your iphone and have it all uploaded immediately from site

Secure with a lockfor the next 20 years I fully expect we will always have sites with locks, keys, cards. However we are moving to IR, IP, RFID allowing us to open doors from anywhere:  If locked in, our out, call SPS 24/7 for immediate attendance anywhere throughout the UK.  Locks should always be considered as part of a much more robust security plan for your building – consider this in your assessment of the building, its use, and the end game for the site
See through a lens – cameras are everywhere, for good reason, more often than not. Systems today are far more sophisticated and can be monitored remotely

shutterstock_50838028Property CCTV – long and short-term solutions are available nowadays, and available in all types of applications
Steel from SPS – this is something that has NOT aged and will always we be required.  SPS Steel is the real deal…if your property is vacant, this is a big one to consider! SPS Steel Windows and Doors can be installed without damaging or altering the existing structure  and it WILL instantly make your property insurance compliant

Systems to control entry – for both shared corporate spaces or living accommodation – install a system with key, fob, remote access. Alternatively modify the system to support vulnerable adults and help them manage their difficulties whilst keeping them safe and secure in their own space – it starts with the property assessment and understanding the needs of those individuals occupying it

Property Inspections – daily weekly, monthly, hourly… Physically check the site or get your drone to do this, in an automated programme – but vary it, we don’t want any common patterns of behaviours observed by criminals

Select the right Insurance product for your site or for personal reasons. Personal, property, employers, business interruption or even crisis cover…it’s all available, but you must manage your risk, to avoid loss in any form
Severe Weatherall year-round planning – the unpredictable UK weather means, people and property are exposed to different levels of risk. Ensure your vacant properties are kept secure if not weather-proofed, throughout the year.

shutterstock_117839704 Providing shelter – don’t let your site be open to and at risk of being a source of shelter or worse…rave/ gathering – effective physical deterrents can prevent this
Stop Theft – remove the assets now then secure and prevent entry. Intruders are smart, so you need to be smarter

 Specialist Outsourcing – Specialist People Solutions describes how outsourcing can be carried out on a budget, or can be used on a reactive basis to keep your business going if a disaster happens

Property Cleaning and clearing – if you’re looking to re-let a property quickly and efficiently, a team of trained professionals will make sure nothing is missed.  Last week our turnaround time was 0.94 days in Edinburgh and 1.28 days in Birmingham. How?  Using people and resources smartly, communicating quickly and doing things right first time…nothing new or modern about that, it’s about applying best practice in everything you do

shutterstock_125201351Secure Fencing/Barricades – security starts at the perimeter – consider having a physical barrier of entry. Assess your boundary lines and protect your asset.  Barriers, fences, bollards, and hoarding will prevent entry, and use the cameras and for an instant response if they don’t
Supply Door Maintenance – look after your door.  It’s the first impression a passer-by or visitor will have of the building. A sophisticated communal door system is a great addition to any shared building so ensure it is properly maintained.  A solid dark steel secure keyless door installed with the frame, shows strength not vulnerability, so look after it

Provide a 24/7 Emergency Repair service – landlords need to react to tenants needs: happy tenants, regular rent, long term occupiers. Providing tenants with a  24/7 emergency response service, keeps them happy. You don’t always need to send an engineer, but if you know about the problem, then you can prioritise in the morning
Secure with CCTV Towers – Often used in construction sites, warehouses, business parks and remote areas, Towers really do offer a second pair of eyes and ears when you cannot be there

Specialist Guarding – in remote areas or for out of hours security, guarding is often the best solution and utilised as part of more comprehensive security plan

shutterstock_81837922Planned ground maintenance – from reacting to urgent graffiti removal and fly tipping, to regular cut backs to maintain vulnerable  open spaces, there are many solutions that can affect the appearance of your property and well-being of its residents – plan it, service it and post inspect it. Done!

Summary. Use the tech, protect the people and property and seasonally review the measures in place to check that they are still appropriate.

Standing still in this market place is not an option, moving forward and adapting to our changing customers’ demands is essential.

So how will you serve your customers in the next decade?


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