Whether you work in a retail outlet, an office building or in a more industrial setting, there will always be an increased requirement for security during the holidays, with most businesses working different hours than normal and many closing altogether for several days.  Independent outlets and larger shopping centres as well as vacant units and empty properties should all have increased security over this time.

It is important to remember there are two categories of consumers – those who buy and those who steal. You should consider increased security measures, such as temporary CCTV, guarding and increased inspections – to help manage risk,  protect your asset and ultimately reduce the loss of product and therefore loss of sales.


With many businesses closing during the holidays, there is often a need for staff cover, whether it be concierge, guarding or help desk staff. The SPS team offer these services to ensure your business can operate 24/7 whilst accommodating staff holidays.

To make sure you enjoy the festive season, you should also question how secure your office building is and how our communal door systems can be useful for your business, especially for those working during the holidays and those working nightshifts and weekends throughout the year.

ImageGen_155x261Temporary alarm systems are also extremely useful for 24/7 businesses that normally don’t need to worry about empty premises.  Remember, thieves will target buildings they think are particularly vulnerable no matter what day of the year it is!

Many tradesmen, and perhaps some of your employees, work alone – SPS StaySafe, for protecting lone workers, could be the perfect gift.

If you are not sure where to start, need some advice and same day service, 24/7 contact us – SPS covers the whole of the UK and will look at any concern no matter how big or small.

SPS products and services are available on a range of flexible hire or purchase options, we will be happy to chat to you about your specific requirements and tailor a solution that meets your precise needs.

You can contact on 0845 762 6542, or at, or via our Contact Form  We look forward to hearing from you.





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