When a commercial or industrial property becomes vacant – often as a result of insolvency – it’s important to make sure the property is rapidly secured to protect the value of the remaining assets.

That’s why SPS teams throughout the UK are able to offer a same day rapid response to enure remaining assets aren’t stolen, damaged, or degraded. In addition to industry leading service standards, SPS offer a range of products designed to protect a property until it can be redeveloped or put to new use:

Steel Security

Often the security most deployed for commercial and industrial clients is steel security. SPS steel window screens use patented technologies to increase security and tamper resistance, and minimise damage to the property. Our window screens don’t even damage the glazing. SPS maximum security steel doors can be fitted without removal of existing doors, and our keyless steel doors protect while enabling easy access to authorised workmen. Our steel security products are available on a supply only or full install basis, giving you maximum flexibility.


Increasingly popular among commercial/industrial clients is the more discrete SPS Multi-Purpose Alarm (MPA). A rugged and easily fitted temporary alarm system, the MPA offers unobtrusive yet thorough protection against a full range of threats from people, the elements, and neglect. Backed up by our 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), we respond immediately to any activation to keep your property safe.

Other Services

Given the nature of how such premises often come to be vacant, our commercial and industrial clients also often call on us for the the rapid deployment of barricades and lock changes.