At SPS, we have a wealth of experience working with pubs, brewers, and retailers protecting assets for over 20 years.

With changing consumption patterns evident in the market, and continuing pressures from government legislation and taxation, profitability in the pub sector is a significant challenge. That is why it is imperative for pubs to maintain the value of their void assets and maximise their revenue generating ability. When a property does become vacant, it is essential to protect the it from neglect, theft, and vandalism. What’s more, it is vital to minimise turnaround time, ensuring it can be re-let or readied for sale as soon as possible.

SPS has developed a range of void property services ideally suited to the pub and retailing sectors:


Often the preferred protection choice in this sector is the SPS Multi-Purpose Alarm (MPA). A rugged and easily fitted temporary alarm system, the MPA offers unobtrusive yet thorough protection against a full range of threats from people, the elements, and neglect. Backed up by our 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), we respond immediately to any activation to keep your property safe.

Steel Security

Where a more visible deterrent is required, SPS recommend steel security. SPS steel window screens use patented technologies to increase security and tamper resistance, and minimise damage to the property. Our window screens don’t even damage the glazing. SPS maximum security steel doors can be fitted without removal of existing doors, and our keyless steel doors protect while enabling easy access to authorised workmen. Our steel security products are available on a supply only or full install basis, giving you maximum flexibility.


Our alarm and steel products can be supported by the SPS Inspections Service. Often it will be a requirement of your insurance policy to have regular inspections carried out on your void properties, and the SPS inspections service is second to none. We thoroughly check and respond to any signs of intrusion or damage, and can inspect at any intervals you require.

Prepare for re-let/sale

Of course, to prepare a void property for re-let or sale requires more than just protection from damage. SPS perform a range of services designed to maximise the potential of a void property.  These include property cleaning, removal of hazardous waste and fly-tipping, pest control, graffiti removal, and needle sweeps. In addition, as fully certified licensed waste carriers, SPS can take on many jobs that others can’t.

Other Services

Other services our customers in the license trade frequently call on us for include bollard erection, services isolation, and lock changes.