SPS reinforced steel doors are the maximum security option for preventing unauthorised access to your property, and when combined with SPS steel window screens, presents a virtually impregnable barrier to your property.

SPS steel doors are manufactured using the most advanced techniques with galvanised steel and 2×5 mortice deadlocks. SPS steel doors are fitted to your property without causing damage to the door frame, and don’t even require the existing door to be removed. Available in a range of sizes, SPS are sure to have a door that fits your security needs. That’s why SPS steel doors are currently protecting commercial, housing association, and local authority property throughout the UK.

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SPS operatives are on hand throughout the UK 24/7 to immediately protect your property from unauthorised access. SPS steel doors combine superior design and customer service to give you the best in vacant property security, especially when used in conjunction with other products in the SPS range.