The latest addition to the SPS range of sensors records an MPEG video clip on activation, resulting in:

  • You see what triggered the PIR
  • False alarms can be discounted (no despatch costs)
  • Confirmation when a crime in progress
  • Faster response & higher arrest rates

It detects an intruder and begins recording in under 5 milliseconds, before sending a clip to our Alarm Response Centre (ARC). Our experienced operatives immediately verify the activation and coordinate the security response when genuine.

Click below to see real activations on an SPS Videofied alarms:



The video verification alarm offers ideal protection for many situations, including:

  • Construction sites
  • Vacant properties
  • Temporary applications (e.g. Scaffolding, store refits, fuel theft)
  • Metal theft (e.g. Utilities, transport, church roofs)
  • Guarding – more “eyes” on large sites, supporting remote patrols
  • Remote sites/assets (e.g. Farms, utilities, containers)
  • Outdoor asset protection (e.g. Storage yards, garden centres)
  • Panic alarm verification
  • Retail, commercial, public buildings – indoor & outdoor protection

Download our Videofied alarms fact sheet.