It is estimated that in the UK today there are around 6.8 million lone workers, which works out at 22% of the working population, that is over a fifth of the 31.2 million people working in the country today! Each year tens of thousands of these lone workers are abused or harmed while performing their duties and protecting them is essential.

Giving your lone workers the security they need has never been more simple and discreet, our new StaySafe app is easy to setup and works directly from your phone.

Full details of the product can be found in our data sheet.


Features of the SPS Lone worker system include

  • Dedicated lone worker Stay Safe App
  • Always available – all you need is your smartphone
  • Reliable tracking – GPS shows last known location when signal fails
  • 24/7 Response Centre managing all types of escalations on your behalf
  • Unrivalled functionality – panic button, GPS tracking, low battery alert, duress pin
  • Global reach – StaySafe app works anywhere in the world
  • ‘Man-down’ shock sensor facility
  • 2 way audio communications options
  • Detailed & thorough management reporting on exceptions, issues, and performance Benefits


What that means to you

  • Safety First
  • Fulfils duty of care of employers with lone workers
  • Employees are reassured that they have support in vulnerable situations
  • Friends and Family are reassured as you work on your own
  • Offers employers peace of mind that employees are safe



Protecting your lone workers has never been more easy to setup, if you would like to discuss how SPS can get you started with our new SPS StaySafe app then please get in touch today on 08457 62 65 42. For more news and updates from SPS follow us on Linked In, Twitter, and Facebook as well as right here on our blog.