Having a reliable flexible outsourcer such as SPS, with nearly 25 years experience adds another layer of protection when it comes to managing whistle blowing.

We deliver bespoke whistle blowing hot lines for businesses that need that extra level of independent support.

Some key stats:

  • For nearly 25 years SPS has delivered customer centric helpdesk services
  • The business works 24/7, we never stop
  • In our 25years our Out of Hours call centre has experienced 99% customer retention rate

For your Finance team, the ROI on our service will be experienced within the first quarter of a financial year. Sometimes, its instant!


  • Everything is tracked: from the data and the calls to the screen grabs
  • Outsourced social media communications are managed 24/7
  • Our systems and software allows us to do this, as well as our motivated managers and personnel, who are completely focused on delivering an exceptional service for you